Noah and the Bunnies

At the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Whitehouse, Texas, five 6-day old baby rabbits were brought in after they were orphaned in a dog attack. Two of the bunnies died and it was touch and go whether the remaining three would survive.
The bunnies were kept in a cage, and it wasn’t long before the staff noticed that their white dove called Noah, a permanent resident at the rescue center due to a missing leg, had started to sit outside the rabbit cage, looking in at the bunnies. In fact, Noah began sleeping in front of the cage as if to keep an eye on them.
Then one day, soon afterwards, the staff looked into the rabbit cage and realized there were only two bunnies in the cage. In a panic, they went to lift Noah out of the way from in front of the cage, and lo and behold, there was the missing bunny, fast asleep under Noah! The little bunny had crawled through the cage to find warmth and comfort under the dove’s feathers.

Soon, all three bunnies began to cuddle up to Noah. When the bunnies wanted to snuggle up under Noah, Noah would carefully spread out his wings to envelop all three of them. And if one of the bunnies stuck out from underneath his wing, Noah would gently push it back under him with his beak.

Noah’s care and dedication in helping to look after the orphaned bunnies proved a complete success, and since then, Noah can be found helping with other sick animals in the rescue center.

Noah’s a true angel indeed!
Photos © Bob Lenham

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